Online Answering Service SpecialtyAnsweringService.com Review

Running an e-commerce business entails a huge work and expenses and not to mention maintaining good quality service. In my case, I let online answering service Specialty handle all of it so I can maintain the standards that my clients are expecting from me. I started with Specialty using their two weeks trial period so I can see if they will live up to my expectations, and they did. I was impressed with their live operator receptionist service which they continue to do so as I continue my contract with them. Specialty has different packages for different needs. So if you have small business that has minimal inbound and outbound calls, you just choose the small 100 call package and pay only the packages that come with it. Specialty also has high volume packages for bigger companies with bigger needs.

Using Specialty, you can reduce your costs and freeing up time that you business usually consume as you serve your customers. Specialty has live trained operators to answer all kinds of calls 24/7. They can convert your telephone calls to leads and maintain their loyalty with you. Specialty can provide answering telephone calls to specialized industry and set it up so they can work in different region in the United States.

Here are some perks with specialtyansweringservice.net:

  • Free Trial Period for two weeks using their live operator receptionist service
  • Available 24 hours a day both inbound and outbound call center services
  • Live Chat available
  • Offer different packages according to your needs
  • Handles catalog order taking, credit card processing, basic and advanced services
  • Handles appointment setting, class and seminar registration
  • Multilingual and Bilingual Services
  • With technical support services

Here are some negative specialtyansweringservice.net sides:

  • No price index available
  • No Common Q&A found on their site
  • No support for conference and meeting rooms
  • No Money Bank Guarantee
  • Offline. Leave a message. Live Support
  • No free trial period with some of Specialty advanced nature of other services