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Online Answering Service MedAnswering.Com Review

Medical Answering Services, LLC (MAS) is New York based medical department. The organization is associated with Department of health in New York. It originated in 2004 by the founder Russ Maxwell and is now a well reputed medical services providing entity in NewYork. The entity has linked its services with several departments and services in NewYork. FEATURES

  • In year 2010, MAS has prolonged its operation to 9 state counties of New York that has created the suspects of employment opportunities for hundreds of employees not only part time but also full time jobs too
  • MAS is working on the approach of working interactively and to stay efficient in their services they have adopted team approach that will keep the pace of their service efficiency and effectiveness.
  • The Medicaid transportation is a beneficiary service that is working under authentic registration of MAS. This is a cost effective and oriented on affordability factor to meet the needs of target market PROS:

  • MAS services are authentic in a sense that they follow standards and are approved.
  • The medical leadership team is quite expert that play their best part I provision of physician medical services.
  • MAS offers contact ease and effective enrollment procedures to patients for cost effective answering services
  • The medicaid recipient, transportation vendor information, medical provider and public are the important players in MAS services.
  • The major competency of MAS is medical transportation management in NewYork state counties.
  • The MAS services has been linked to other web links that has enhanced its online reputation among ┬ámedical aiding organizations CONS:

  • MAS have limited its operation and services to New York counties which it needs to expand to other locations as well to gain more market.
  • It needs to diversify its services too that is other than medical transportation services it shall look for other medical issues to work on a solution for them.