Online Answering Service EOffice.net Review

If you are a freelancer or have a full time job but have other part time job, and you need to have an access to a business presence, you can go to eoffice – the alternative workspace. eoffice provides wide range of services that any business professional would look for. Their offices are located at prime city centre that are fully serviced and furnished. I am a freelancer and have been working globally, and eoffice is my partner wherenever I go. They even handled all my business calls using my company name. All mails and even emails are properly handled by eoffice. You see, I do not need to pay extra cost for a full-time or part time employee and pay additional benefits.

Why do I choose eoffice.net?

  • Virtual Offices are located globally and in prime city centre. I can book anywhere in the world as long as I use my credit card.
  • Handle all my business calls, sms and email forwarding. When I am busy, eoffice professional receptionist can pick-up all my incoming calls and record any messages so I can focus on more important matters. I can access my voicemail 24/7.
  • Provide flexible access to their eOffice conference and meeting rooms with discounted price. They gave me easy access to eoffice meetings and conferences and even use their video conferencing whether small or big group.
  • Carry my day to day requirements without my physical presence.
  • Online booking of business transactions.
  • Business Address Facility. I have large outgoing and incoming mails and they provide me with an exclusive business address with mail forwarding service.

Limitations of eoffice.net:

  • No live chat on their website.
  • No physical storage for my files.
  • No technical support after office hours.
  • No messaging assistance.
  • Monthly fees are non-refundable.
  • No short-term access to virtual office (no daily/weekly access). Start range would be 3 months up.